13 July 2007

Add Multi Language Blog

Sangat menyenangkan apabila blog kita dapat dibaca dalam sembilan bahasa di dunia. Selain dapat meningkatkan traffic blog kita karena banyak orang yang dapat mengaksesnya (dengan catatan isinya juga ok lho.. :p) . Its not need hard work guys.. tapi dengan memanfaatkan fasilitas yang disediakan oleh google transalator, maka blog kita dapat diakses dalam sembilan bahasa. Sayangnya, fasilitas google translator ini belum mendukung penggunaan bahasa Indonesia.. sayang ya..

But any way, not wrong if we learn how to insert google translate to our blog. This is a simple step. You just copy this code below and paste at our blog template.

First, you just copy this code :

<form action="http://www.google.com/translate">
<script language="JavaScript">
document.write ("<input name=u value="
" type=hidden>

// -->
<input value="en" name="hl" type="hidden"/>
<input value="UTF8" name="ie" type="hidden"/>
<input value="" name="langpair" type="hidden"/>
<input onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" title="French" value="en|fr" type="image" height="15" src="http://www.walhikalsel.org/bhsicon/13539949_e76af75976.jpg" width="25" name="langpair"/>
<input onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" title="German" value="en|de" type="image" height="15" src="http://www.walhikalsel.org/bhsicon/13539933_041ca1eda2.jpg" width="25" name="langpair"/>
<input onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" title="Italian" value="en|it" type="image" height="15" src="http://www.walhikalsel.org/bhsicon/13539953_0384ccecf9.jpg" width="25" name="langpair"/>
<input onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" title="Portuguese" value="en|pt" type="image" height="15" src="http://www.walhikalsel.org/bhsicon/13539966_0d09b410b5.jpg" width="25" name="langpair"/>
<input onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" title="Spanish" value="en|es" type="image" height="15" src="http://www.walhikalsel.org/bhsicon/13539946_2fabed0dbf.jpg" width="25" name="langpair"/>
<input onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" title="Japanese" value="en|ja" type="image" height="15" src="http://www.walhikalsel.org/bhsicon/13539955_925e6683c8.jpg" width="25" name="langpair"/>
<input onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" title="Korean" value="en|ko" type="image" height="15" src="http://www.walhikalsel.org/bhsicon/13539958_3c3b482c95.jpg" width="25" name="langpair"/>
<input onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" title="Chinese Simplified" value="en|zh-CN" type="image" height="15" src="http://www.walhikalsel.org/bhsicon/14324441_5ca5ce3423.jpg" width="25" name="langpair"/>
<input onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" title="Arabic" value="en|ar" type="image" height="15" src="http://www.walhikalsel.org/bhsicon/arabic-flag.gif" width="25" name="langpair2"/>

Then, open your blog template | Page Elements | Add a Page Elemet.

Choose HTML/Javascript. Paste your copied code above to the Content and give a Title like Google Translator.

And lets Google do it self for us.

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